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Sermon Title: "Promices Kept, Freedom Sung”
Sermon Date: Sunday, 10/18/2020
This week, in a sermon titled "Promices Kept, Freedom Sung", we’ve been hearing a lot about promises and freedom during this contentious election cycle. Both are important. We want promises kept, and freedom protected. But, what promises are we clinging to, and is the one who made them ultimately able to keep them? And, what exactly do we mean by freedom, as some define it differently than others?  In its transitional time between its judges and monarchy, Israel  wrestled with promises and freedom. What can their experience teach us? Does it comfort, challenge, or maybe a bit of both?
The verses covered are: Psalm 99 and 1 Samuel 1: 9-11, 19-20, 2: 1-10.
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