The Clothing Church’s 2023
Clothing Ministry Recap

First Presbyterian Church Plano just completed another year serving those in our community by making clothing accessible to those in need. Below are pertinent details about what we did; how we did it as well as how it impacted all involved.


Streetside Shower Clothing

  • 8,952 clothing items distributed over 19 events (19 events in 2023 verses 30 events in 2022)
  • 471 items distributed per event (in 2022 distributed 379 per event)

 Clothes Closet

  • 3,044 clothing items distributed over 12 months
  • 254 items distributed each month (in 2022 distributed 314 per month)

 Plano Overnight Warming Station (POWS)

  • 2,104 clothing items distributed over 8 events (we only had 8 cold weather events in 2023 verse 31 events in 2022)
  • 263 items distributed per event (in 2022 distributed 258 per event)

 Hopes Restored Missions (HRM)

  • 240 clothing items distributed over 1 event (new ministry in 2023)
  • Total number of clothing items distributed in 2023 was 14,340
  • 19 different individuals and group volunteers from our congregation as well as friends of our church community directly helped prepare, distribute, pick up, wash, and mend clothing donations as well as purchase clothing, as needed, in 2023
  • Many congregants and friends donated funds to help us purchase clothing when donations don’t cover demand and acquire needed supplies (like shelving, markers, tape, plastic bags, shoelaces, etc.)

Numerous individuals and organizations inside and outside our church community donated countless clothing items to help others.


Our clothing outreach ministries supported an estimated 2,100 “participant visits” to the events where we suppied clothing.

At Streetside Shower events our volunteers often not only distribute needed clothing to shower participants, but are a “listening ear”, provide “encouraging words” and are a source of needed information.

We helped many with their self-image while helping ourselves look at the homeless situation with more empathy.


Shannon - It was incredibly humbling to be there [Streetside Showers] as members of our community had an opportunity to shower, get food and clothing.

Belle – On a very cold day while serving at Streetside Showers, I had no gloves. A shower participant noticed. He left our serving table and later returned with a pair of gloves for me to use! I was amazed at his willingness to give me something that he may have been planning to trade or sell to help himself later.

Ted – Having an opportunity to talk with participants of Streetside Showers is a blessing for me every time we serve. The conversations are often fun as well as informative.

With a new year upon us new opportunities will present themselves if you are open to receiving God’s call. Please consider giving of your time, talents, and resources to help those in need in your community. You can view needed tasks to be completed as well as sign up to get involved at the main bulletin board at the church or contact Nancy or Ted McKown for more information.