The Plano Overnight Warming Station(POWS 2022)

We recently received a newsletter from The Plano Overnight Warming Station (POWS) located at the Salvation Army Center on 14th street.  We wanted to share some of the information from that source with followers of this ministry in which First Presbyterian Church Plano (FPC Plano) participates by supplying clothing and grooming supplies to those utilizing POWS.

February 2022 was surprisingly cold.  Of the total 28 nights in  February, POWS was open 12 of those nights as well as several of the  days when the temperatures didn't even climb over the freezing mark!   Those 12 nights in February surpassed the very cold January by one additional night.

All that being said, in February POWS served 1,339 guests or 111 average per night! One night they had a historic high of 142 participants! In January they served 607 guests.