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Let Your Light Shine

Matthew 5:16  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


A book given to Sandra Klein, by Rev. Roger Watkins, Christmas of 1993 .

Man once used the candle for light.  It was hailed as a revolutionary discovery and a big improvement over the burning stick and torch.  However, it flickered, gave off odor, and the least puff of wind would blow it out.

Then came the kerosene lamp.  It was applauded as the big jump of progress in the field of illumination.  But it had problems.  The bowl had to be filled with kerosene.  The wick had to be trimmed and sometimes did not reach the fluid.  The globe became smoky and had to be cleaned. 

Another improvement was the Coleman gasoline lamp or lantern.  We had one when I was a boy and one of my jobs was to keep it going.  It required gasoline, mantles, and had to be kept pumped up.

Best of all, thanks to Mr. Edison, is the incandescent light.  When connected to the power house and the globe is good, it’s a very efficient light.

What kind of light are you?  Just a candle that quivers and emits odor?  Or just a kerosene light with a short wick and a smoky globe?  Or just a gasoline light that won’t shine at all unless someone is there to keep you pumped up all the time?  Or an incandescent light, connected to the great source of light, that shines and shines and shines?

One of the greatest compliments ever paid mortal man was given by the Apostle Paul to the Philippians, expressed in these words, Philippians 2:15:  “ye shine as lights in the world”.  A darkened world needs your light.  Shine on!  Shine on!

Let us pray:
Lord, as we gather here to do the work of your Church,  to help facilitate the enrichment of mankind’s understanding of You and the love you have for all the people of your creation, we humbly pray you bless us with good judgment, the skills to speak with clarity, and with the single purpose of spreading your kingdom on earth.  To Your Glory!